Uzunya is a small and beautiful cove in the north of Istanbul, near the Black Sea. It has a beautiful beach, one of the best beaches in Istanbul actually. There’s also a restaurant on the beach.

I went there during a training road bike ride. It is a good place for a train ride because it has a steep road, and very little car traffic.

It is a small cove, so the sea is usually peaceful in Uzunya.

Uzunya beach, Istanbul
Uzunya beach, Istanbul. Uzunya is a small cove in the north of Istanbul, near the Black Sea.

Uzunya Beach is close to Demirciköy (which means Village of the Forger). It was a camping place for the caravans in the 1980s. There is still a camping place there.

The camping place near Uzunya cove, Istanbul
The camping place near Uzunya Cove, Istanbul
The road to Uzunya
The road to Uzunya Cove, Istanbul. There’s a steep uphill (600 meters at 10% average, 18% max) at the end of this road, climbing up to Demirciköy.

I continued to ride, then took another photo in Kilyos 🙂

Kilyos, Istanbul
Kilyos, Istanbul (Black Sea)
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