A photo of Uzunya Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in İstanbul, near the Black Sea. I took this photo back on November 26, 2017, while cycling through the Black Sea shore.

Uzunya Beach, istanbul. November 26, 2017.
Uzunya Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in İstanbul. I took this photo back on November 26, 2017, while cycling near the Black Sea shore.

Uzunya Beach

Uzunya Beach is a picturesque location in Istanbul, known for its serene beauty and natural charm. Situated in the north of Istanbul near the Black Sea, Uzunya is characterized by its small, beautiful cove, making it a peaceful retreat from bustling city life. The beach is regarded as one of the best in Istanbul and features a restaurant that enhances the leisure experience of visitors.

Historically, Uzunya Beach was a camping spot in the 1980s, especially for caravans, and it still maintains a camping area. This history adds a touch of nostalgia and a sense of continuity to the location. The beach’s proximity to Demirciköy, which translates to ‘Village of the Forger’, adds to its cultural landscape.

Uzunya Beach is also a favored spot for road bike training due to its steep roads and minimal car traffic, making it a unique destination for both relaxation and physical activity. The small cove of Uzunya contributes to the usually calm sea conditions, providing an ideal setting for a variety of beach activities and water sports​.

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