Karaburun is a village in the north of Istanbul, near the Black Sea. Me and two friends cycled to there, and swam in the sea.

Cycling to Karaburun
Cycling to Karaburun, Istanbul – Karaburun road

Karaburun road goes through a village named “Durusu” and near a dam-lake named “Durusu” or “Terkos”.

Terkos Dam is a lake-dam near the village of Durusu in the Çatalca district of Istanbul, Turkey. The development of the project on the lake Durusu (ancient name Terkos) was realised by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works, and entered into service in 1971. It is the traditional water supply of the European part of Istanbul.

Lake Terkos, Istanbul
Lake Terkos, Istanbul

It’s 25 kilometers to the north of Istanbul on the Black Sea coast, having an area of 25 square kilometers and surrounded by small forests. The lake is fed by Istiranca river so its water is fresh. It’s one of the main fresh water (around 20% of the fresh water of Istanbul comes from Lake Terkos) sources of Istanbul using huge pipes connecting to the main water distribution center of the city. The excessive water from the lake is discharged to the sea, if needed. Nearby the lake, there is a small village bearing the same name of the lake. Fresh water fishing and goose hunting is also possible with special regulations at and around Terkos Lake. There are a couple of country style small hotels around it, and attracts many local people especially during summer weekends.

Lake Terkos also known as “Durugöl”, which means “limpid lake” in Turkish.

We swam in the sea, the sea was peaceful (not usual in the Black Sea), but it was really, really cold (12°C). But it’s normal, the Black sea is usually cold in May.


Karaburun Coast, Istanbul
Karaburun Coast, Istanbul – The Black Sea
Karaburun Coast, Istanbul
Karaburun Coast, Istanbul – The Black sea. It is usually more wavy.
Cycling to Karaburun, Istanbul
Cycling back to home.
Lake Terkos, Istanbul
Lake Terkos (Durugöl), Istanbul