It’s March now and March is the month of misty, chilly mornings in Istanbul. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the roads were empty. But it would be crowded soon, so I hurried to ride my bike for an hour or two.

It was really chilly and misty this morning. I first did a fast downhill to the Bosphorus, then headed south to Ortaköy.

Kefeliköy, İstanbul
Early in the morning, at Kefeliköy, İstanbul. It was really chilly and misty. Where’s the Bosphorus?

After returning back from Ortakoy, I decided to go to Rumeli Kavağı to take some photos.

Rumeli Kavağı, İstanbul
Rumeli Kavağı, İstanbul

The sun was shining beautifully, so I decided to climb up to Havantepe to take some more photos.

A view of Bosphorus
A beautiful view of Bosphorus, from Havantepe road, Sarıyer.

Havantepe road is a steep (up to 20%) uphill with a few hairpins.

Havantepe road
The road climbing atop Havantepe.

The view from atop Havantepe is beautiful. I took a selfie there.

Özgür Nevres (me)
Özgür Nevres (me), atop Havantepe, Sarıyer, İstanbul.

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