April 14, Sunday was a misty and rainy day in Bahçeköy. I went to the Belgrade forest to get some fresh grass to my cats. Topuzlu bendi looked very beautiful under the mist. I recorded the video below.

Sounds of a misty lake in the Belgrade Forest, İstanbul, Turkey.
Topuzlu Bendi
Topuzlu Bendi, Belgrade Forest, Bahçeköy, İstanbul. This small dam was built in 1619 to supply İstanbul with fresh water. During the reign of Sultan Mahmud I (1730-1754), a new aqueduct system known as Taksim supplied Pera (Galata) with water and Topuzlu Bendi was restored. The construction work consisted of three dams, Valide Bendi (1750), Topuzlu Bendi (1750, restoration), and Sultan Mahmut Bendi (1839), along with two aqueducts, the Sultan Mahmut Kemeri, and Bahçeköy Kemeri. Taksim Square is named after the Taksim Maksemi, its water distribution chamber is located there (“Taksim” is Turkish for “distribution”).
Özgür Nevres

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