Cycling in Istanbul on a warm December day

December is usually cold and wet (usually rainy but sometimes it also snows) in Istanbul. But, this year, the first days of December was warm (around 20°C / 68°F) and sunny. A bit windy, though, but the south winds is the main reason why it was extraordinarily warm. So it was a good opportunity to get on our bikes last weekend.
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Top five must-see places in Istanbul

Straddling Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, Istanbul is one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. The city’s strategic location has made it one of history’s most important cities. So there’s a plenty of historical places to see, and to feel the exotic atmosphere. Here are the top five most rated tourist attractions and must-see places in Istanbul.
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A bike ride in a beautiful Istanbul morning

It’s March now and March is the month of misty, chilly mornings in Istanbul. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the roads were empty. But it would be crowded soon, so I hurried to ride my bike for an hour or two.
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Emirgan Park

On the European side of Istanbul, just one kilometer away from Maslak, one of the main business districts of the city, there is a lovely place to spend some time in greenery: Emirgan Park. It overlooks the Bosphorus in the suburb of Emirgan. It is one of the largest parks in Istanbul. There are lovely gardens, a grotto, fountains, quiet picnic areas, and three former Ottoman pavilions (they are in use as restaurants now) in the park.
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Belgrade Forest, under snow

The winter came early this year in Istanbul. We already started wearing coats. Amazingly, the air is smelling like snow. I remembered the snowy winter of 2012 (the photos below are from January 2012).
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