Emirgan Park

On the European side of Istanbul, just one kilometer away from Maslak, one of the main business districts of the city, there is a lovely place to spend some time in greenery: Emirgan Park. It overlooks the Bosphorus in the suburb of Emirgan. It is one of the largest parks in Istanbul. There are lovely gardens, a grotto, fountains, quiet picnic areas, and three former Ottoman pavilions (they are in use as restaurants now) in the park.
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Jason Moran & The Bandwagon – Ringing My Phone

Jason Moran’s “Ringing My Phone (Straight Outta Istanbul)” features a sampled phone conversation between a girl (his hostess) and her mother in Turkish.
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Belgrade Forest, under snow

The winter came early this year in Istanbul. We already started wearing coats. Amazingly, the air is smelling like snow. I remembered the snowy winter of 2012 (the photos below are from January 2012).
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