How to survive in Istanbul – A guide for touring cyclists

Previously, I wrote an article for the website titled “Road Cycling in Istanbul” – which was written for roadies and triathletes. That post received many comments, and some of them were dropped by the touring cyclists.

Since Istanbul is the only city which lies on two continents in the world, it is a must-see place for many touring cyclists. The city also offers a beautiful and short way to cross between Europe and Asia. But, probably everybody heard that (or simply experienced that) Istanbul is not a bike-friendly city.

In the recent years, a few touring cyclists came and stayed in my home in Bahçeköy as guests. Sometimes I guided them in Istanbul, and also instructed them how to approach to Istanbul and leave the city safely. Now, I decided to put all these knowledge into a blog post. Here’s my guide of “how to survive in Istanbul for touring cyclists”.
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The ancient city of Olympos (Antalya, Turkey)

At the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the borders of Antalya province, in a river valley near the coast, lie an ancient Lycian city’s ruins: Olympos. It was presumably taking its name from nearby 2375 meters height Mount Olympos (Olympus – Turkish: Tahtalı Dağı, Timber Mountain), one of over twenty mountains with the name Olympos (Olympus) in the Classical world.
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